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The purpose of the wiki is to organize in a central location the various tidbits of data and information which are helpful to those playing. Campaigns past and present, NPC profiles, rule modifications, and assorted other minutae make up this wiki. As such, it is intended solely for their usage and permission to access the pages is extended only to them and other designated persons. The internet being what it is, and wiki tech being what it is, there are no doubt individuals who do not fall into this category who are, at this very moment, perusing these eloquent words. A small percentage of them perhaps harbor less than friendly intentions. No matter: that's what backups (not to mention attorneys) are for, my friend.

A Note on Copyright

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This wiki ( is intended as a resource for the members and participants of the Gaming Group. As such it makes reference to, and may include content from, a variety of published materials, including but not limited to rule books, source books, and other materials. Whenever possible proper attribution and credit will accompany the use of said materials. Contributors to this wiki will make every effort to comply with the Fair-Use Provision of U.S. Copyright law. If you are the registered owner of content which appears in this wiki, and you have reason to believe your content has been used in violation of the Fair-Use Provision of U.S. Copyright law, you are asked to contact the owner of this website with a screenshot of the objectionable usage, along with a copy of your copyright registration and other appropriate contact information.

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