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Ben's Campaign's


GURPS Fantasy: Zhuang

GURPS: Ninja Vs. Samurai

GURPS: Michinoku

GURPS: Dark Energy

Ben's Characters

Ensign Akira Kandegawa from Image's Star Trek: Aurora campaign. (deceased)

Gunny Max Gates from Cal's Zombie Apocalypse campaign. (Honorably discharged and retired)

Corporal Victor Martinez from Cal's Zombie Apocalypse campaign.

Cormac from Cal's Eire campaign.

Kol Blackstone from Justin's GURPS: Church and State campaign.

David Maxwell from Cal's GURPS Dark Jazz campaign.

Lisa Chan from Cal's GURPS Dark Jazz: The New Prometheans, Diskordia, and GURPS DarkStar campaigns.

Conan of Gunderland from Cal's GURPS Hyboria campaign.

Kareem Azziz Al-Abadi from Cal’s GURPS Troubleshooters game.