You’re Doing It Wrong: A Monthly Feature

You’re Doing It Wrong (YDIW) is the collective title of a series of blog posts about GMing and playing GURPS. Each YDIW post covers one practice I’ve observed that is commonly being done wrong. The topic of a post may be about roleplaying or rules. It may be about the relationship between players and GM. It may be something specifically related to online gaming, or it could be something that only occurs at an tabletop. Whatever the subject, it’s an personal and opinionated complaint about the way many GURPS players do something.

Each YDIW post can be encapsulated by a simple phrase: “If you’re doing X, you’re doing it wrong.” For example, “If you’re roleplaying while under the influence of peyote, you’re doing it wrong.” Could be you’re doing the peyote wrong, but considering the focus of this blog, it’s probably the roleplaying.

There is of course no need for “You’re Doing It Right.” If you’re doing it right, it works – that’s how you know it’s right. A lot of times people are doing something wrong and they think it’s working. It’s not. Sure, the players may be going along with the GM who likes to run games while he’s on peyote, but they probably aren’t there for the fine attention to rules or the consistent gameplay.

The eighteen or so people who read GURPS blogs may find some controversy in this. If so, it’s just something else they are doing wrong.

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